Hamish! John Hamish Watson, just if you’re looking for baby names.

Douglas Booth | Noah Promo

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The broken heart. You think you will die, but you just keep living, day after day after terrible day. 

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  “Ignoring fame was my rebellion, in a funny way. I was insistent on being normal and doing normal things. It probably wasn’t advisable to go to college in America and room with a complete stranger. And it probably wasn’t wise to share a bathroom with eight other people in a coed dorm. Looking back, that was crazy.” —Emma Watson

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New/old video from TASM Madrid Press Conference in 2012 aka my death.

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"It’s so obvious how strong they are together, and how he’s strong for her, and she’s strong for him." - Avi Arad

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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield do Bamboleo Wednesday [x]

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Emma and Andrew surfing in Hawaii, January 03

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